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Families are like a puzzle. Each family member fits differently with different personalities,looks and traits. Our family puzzle is missing the last piece to help us complete it.
 On August 24, 1973,  I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I named him Jason Wright. He had lots of black hair and big innocent eyes. He was the most precious thing I had ever seen!
 This should have been the happiest time of my life but, I was still in school and not married and the decision was made that I should give him up for adoption. I held Jason  and told him that I loved him. I also told him that I would see him again some day. When he was four days old, the people from the adoption agency came to pick him up. I dressed him in the clothes my mom had brought for him. The yellow sweater and hat he wore when he left were ones that I had worn as a baby. I held my precious baby boy one last time to tell him good bye. I watched as the agency people walked out of the hospital with him.
  Back then there was no counseling or anything. I was sent home to forget about my son and to carry on as if nothing had ever happened. How can you forget such a beautiful child that you carried for 9 months? I tried to do it by drinking and rebelling, things I am not proud of. I tried to bury the pain and guilt deep in my heart. The following year I was married and had a daughter. I loved her but, I found it almost impossible to get close to her. Now as I look back, I feel it was guilt over being able to keep her and having to give her brother up the year before. I never realized it until 9 years ago when I started searching. I have since then told her how I felt and we are very close. In fact, she has helped me search for her brother.
 I started searching for my son when I started doing a genealogy search for my family. I came across a site for adoptees, something I had no idea existed. I didn't know I could search for Jason. I then registered on every site I could find and I spent hours searching with the hope that he might be looking for me. I contacted the agency that handled his adoption and got some information on his family. I found out that his parents named him Mark. I also know that his father was 34 years old at the time and a Baptist minister. His mother was 31 years old and of Irish and Jewish descent. They also had a daughter who was 6 years old at the time. I gathered a list of young men by the name of Mark who were born on August 24, 1973 and have since narrowed it down to a few names.
  I have new reasons to search now. I have five children including Mark. Kellie is 27, Chrissie 25, Kyle 9. and Mason 8 years old. Kyle and Mason have Tourette Syndrome,ADHD and OCD. Kyle also has anxiety disorder. Mason has Complex Partial Seizure disorder and Sensory Integration disorder. Kellie was also diagnosed with Epilepsy at age 25. All of these conditions are hereditary and I would like for Mark to know about them. I will continue my search until I find my son. I hope and pray that he will want to know about us. I also would like to answer any questions he may have. I hope someday too to thank his parents for doing what I couldn't, loving and nurturing him and giving him a family. They hold a very special place in my heart.
 Mark, wherever you are, I am here if you are ever ready to meet me. I love you!
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Never forgotten, never lost,
never far from mind or thought.
Not left behind, nor in the past,
no image fades, the memory lasts.

You're seen in smiles my children give.
Always within my heart you'll live.
Remembered now, forever here,
til close of life, and end of years.

This was written by a wonderful woman I met on an online support group. Her name is Karen Brown. Thanks Karen!